Is a Dogue de Bordeaux the right dog for you?
With this fun little test, you can find out if a Dogue de Bordeaux is the right dog for you, or if you would be better off getting a poodle to practice with. Simply answer the questions and hit the 'see your result' button! Good luck!
1. A Rottweiler is...

2. How many people are needed to get a Dogue de Bordeaux on your vet's examination table?

3. What do you do when you have visitors?

4. What is the best tool to clean the dog poo from your backyard?

5. Go to bed at 11PM. Set your alarm clock for 1AM, and violently throw yourself on the floor when it goes off. Put a heavy bag of potatoes on your blanket and try and get back underneath it. Reset the alarm clock for 6AM, and throw a wet sponge in your face when it goes off.
How do you feel?

6. Clean your entire house. Throw a bucket of mud on the clean kitchen floor. Make sure to also throw some mud on the walls, the ceiling, the oven, and the fridge. Now walk through the mud into your living room. Stick your fingers in a flower pot and throw some dirt around you. Clean your fingers on the wall.
How do you feel your house looks now?

7. Buy a station-wagon, some dog biscuits and dog bones. Squash the biscuits into little crumbles and spread them evenly over the seats and the back of your new car. Randomly throw the bones around the car. Go to your local hairdresser and empty their trashcans into your car.
Now throw some mud onto the seats and scratch the outside of your car with a rake.
How do you think your car looks?

8. For an entire day, repeat everything you say 15 times. How do you feel at the end of the day?

9. Take a walk down your local high street with one arm stretched out in front of you. Every two minutes, try and stretch your arm just a little more. Repeat the word 'heel' every 5 seconds, making sure everyone in the street can hear you. Every fifth time make sure to scream 'stop pulling'.
How do you feel after your walk?

10. Invite a friend over to your house. Put a heavy sack of potatoes against the front door and try to open the door whilst violently hitting and scratching your legs. Have your visitor take a seat, then throw the sack of potatoes on his lap and press a wet sponge in his face. Repeat this 5 times whilst screaming 'down' every 3 seconds.
What happened?

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