Do you really want one?
No, probably not. If you are a first time Dogue de Bordeaux buyer and you would still like one after reading this page, then go get one! Also, please try the fun Dogue de Bordeaux compatibility test! Whilst the test is for fun, it is not far off the truth.

There are three reactions people will have when they see or hear about your dogue. "Oh he is so cute!" is one of them. "Wow, that is a big scary dog!" is another. Most people that have this reaction will never visit your house again. By far the comment you will hear most is this one: "he is soooooo cute, but he does drool a lot, doesn't he?". And most of these people will never visit your house again either.

Now if it sounds like I am going to try to talk you out of buying a Dogue de Bordeaux, I am.
Not to anger all those passionate breeders that are doing a great job. I am going to try and talk you out of it because if there is only the slightest doubt in your mind that this is the breed for you, you should not get one. Not in your interest, but in the interest of the dog. Your dogue will worship you like no human being or animal has ever done. He will get so attached to you, that leaving him by himself - even for a short time - is considered punishment and will break his heart. Therefore, if you change your mind when he grows up and decide you can no longer keep him in the house - for whatever reason - there will be one very, very sad dog.

As the founder of the German Dogue de Bordeax Rescue, I could write a book about dogues that have been abandoned. So, although some of the reasons may sound funny, please do not underestimate them. A Dogue de Bordeaux owner is insane.
The drooling
Your friends that have the "he is sooooo cute, but he does drool a lot" attitude are right. They do. There is no way to make it sound any better. And since these dogs are not able to live chained up in the front yard, you will have to live with it. You will find drool everywhere, even on the ceiling. Do not get dressed for work in the house, and take everything off before you come back at night. Sure you can have drool-towels all around the house to try and catch it before it drops or flies, but your dogue will master being faster than you. Try having more than one... Everything you own will be covered in drool.
The training
Dogue de Bordeaux do not listen. They will decide what to do whenever they feel like it and you will continuously look like a fool being pulled through the streets behind your dogue. You need to have a lot of patience if you expect your dog to do anything but sit. Even lying down is a challenge. If this is going to be your first dog, prepare to enrol in puppy training, and do not expect to win the "most improved dog" award, ever. Expect to still be training your dog when he is grown up and expect absolutely no results.
The expenses
If you do not have plenty of money left at the end of each month, you should not be getting a dog at all, but for certain you should not be getting a Dogue de Bordeaux. Your dogue will eat more than the rest of the family. And they are demanding. To keep him or her healthy, you will want to feed proper food that does not come cheap. Expect at least 100 Euros/130 USD a month. And that is without toys and treats. Try and find a collar for this neck! Or a pillow to sleep on that is big enough!
Whenever your dogue needs medicine, he needs more than the usual family pet. The Dogue de Bordeaux is prone to certain diseases. Particularly joint and skin problems are common. Joints can be operated but that does require a substantial investment. If you are not certain that you can handle any medical bill that may come your way, stay away from the Dogue de Bordeaux.
The size
140 lbs of dogue is a lot of dog! You will need some strength to take this guy for his daily walks. And if you have not trained him well and he likes to fight other dogs or hunt the wildlife, try holding back a Dogue de Bordeaux! Even simply controlling his joy when you come home can turn the house into a war zone. and you into a punching bag. Since he will most probably not follow your commands, you want to be certain that you are willing to go the distance with something at least your size.
If you like to spend your summer vacation in far and distant lands, forget it. The likelihood of finding someone that will watch a dog this size whilst you are gone is slim. Putting him in a kennel will break his heartand is therefore out of the question. Finding a hotel or place to rent that allows dogs this size is challenging. Taking them on planes is a no go. From the moment your Dogue de Bordeaux moves in to your house, he decides where to go on holiday.
The lifespan
It is possible that your dogue will not get very old. There are statistics that put the average lifespan of a Dogue de Bordeaux at just under six and to find one that reaches ten years of age is rare. If you can handle all of the above, you will fall in love with your dogue and you will worry a lot. And the day will come - long before you are ready for it - that you must part ways. It will break your heart as it would to loose a family member. The years together will be intense, but unless you can cope with a likely premature departure of your truest friend, do not get one.
Plenty of reasons not to get a Dogue de Bordeaux. But if you are one of the insane that falls in love with all of the above, nothing will enrich your life more than those years that you can spend together...