Pumpkin Carving
Make your own Halloween dog-pumpkin!
Make a very special Halloween pumpkin this year from a picture of your own dog. The example on this page was made by Marleen Lokhorst using a photograph of Baron and Boogar.
Materials needed:
Besides a pumpkin, you will need a selection of knives from your kitchen or you can buy special pumpkin-carving sets in handicraft stores. A melon baller is usefull to clean out the pumpkin. A sheet of paper and a pen are needed for the template and some brushes and varnish or hairspray if you want to try and conserve the pumpkin for a few extra days.
Step 1:
Choose a picture of your dog that shows an easily recognizable profile of its face with good lighting and clear outlines.
Step 2:
Convert your picture into a simple black and white pattern using any regular software. You must make sure that all lines connect so that there are no free-floating areas.
Step 3:
Print out the picture in a size suitable for your pumpkin and cut out the template neatly. Now hold the paper on an appropriate space of your pumpkin and draw the outlines of your template with a pen.
Step 4:
Cleanly cut out a lid on top of the pumpkin, so that it can be closed again once the pumpkin is finished. Completely clean out the inside of the pumpkin, so that only the skin remains.
Step 5:
Cut out the template along the lines you drew.
Pumpkins do not last long after they have been carved. Covering it in hairspray or painting it with a clear varnish will help prolong the life of your pumpkin, but even then, it will not last for more than 7 to 10 days. It is therefore best to carve your pumpkin shortly before Halloween. There are a lot of pumpkin carving sites on the web; you may find further tips on how to best conserve yours there.