Choosing a Dogue de Bordeaux Puppy

If you have read the reasons why not get a Dogue de Bordeaux and you have still made up your mind to get a Dogue de Bordeaux, then welcome to the club! You are about to get the dearest and most loyal friend you will ever have.

So where can you find a puppy? Let me start off by telling you where NOT to find a puppy. Never ever get a puppy from anywhere other than a renowned and authorised breeder. And even then, be very cautious. Anyone that breeds dogs for a living is a risk. To breed thoroughbred, high quality and healthy Dogue de Bordeaux puppies and make money in the process is simply not possible. Contact the Dogue de Bordeaux organisation in your country to obtain a list of all authorised breeders.

Finding a good healthy puppy is not an easy task. Compared to more popular dogs, there just are not a lot of good and authorised Dogue de Bordeaux breeders, and breeding them is challenging. Believe it or not, it is actually quite difficult to get a female pregnant. If a good breeder has a litter, there is normally quite a waiting list for the puppies. The most promising puppies often stay with the breeder or go to other breeders. Therefore, you may need to be a little patient before you can introduce your new friend to his future home. If you look through the small ads in newspapers or on the internet, you will find dozens of Dogue de Bordeaux puppies. Stay away from them, or you will be one of the people writing me with the following question: "Could you please look at the attached picture of my dog and see if you think it is really a Dogue de Bordeaux? And could you please give me some advice because he is always ill." Stay away from unauthorised breeders!

The best thing to do is to contact a number of authorised breeders and ask them about upcoming litters and availability. A good breeder will want to get to know you and have an idea of the puppy's future home before he sells you one. Find out about the parents pedigrees and any health issues the ancestors may have had. Ask at what age the ancestors passed away and how. On our links page you will find a good source to cross-check the relatives.

Some breeders will baffle you with show results and champion titles that run in the family, and although this is a good indication that you may be getting a puppy that meets the breed standards and that you can take to shows - if that is what you want-, it is in no way an indication that your dogue will be healthy.

The largest health concerns of the Dogue de Bordeaux are their hips and skin. It is not a pleasure seeing your dogue unable to walk properly without pain, so check the parents and grandparents hip score carefully. It is heartbreaking to see your dog scratch itself bloody wounds 24 hours a day, so check very carefully for Demodex and allergies. But even this is not any guarantee that you will not have any issues.

Once you have decided on the breeder, and the litter is born, go and see them once or twice before it is time to take your puppy home with you. This way you can see the initial development and change your mind if there are doubts. That is a tough call to make on the day you can take him home and he is sitting on your lap. Your puppy should be plump, full of energy, vaccinated, wormed, and have a nice soft coat and bright clear eyes. The keyword here is plump. They must have fat little faces with lots of wrinkles and ears and paws that are far too big. If you have any doubt, it is not a high quality thoroughbred Dogue de Bordeaux. The breeder must give you a health guarantee, even though that will hardly be a comfort if something does go wrong.
Good luck!